Hello, I'm Çağdaş

I work with startups as a freelance designer and help them grow.

I help your startup grow and succeed with bolder online experiences.

I use over a decade of experience in business, advertising, design, and development to create seriously effective interactive experiences for startups.

As a designer, I understand the perfect user interface should look good and work even better. Alongside my startup clients, I uncover problems and solve them. In short, I create bolder online experiences for these startups.

First impressions are critical so your interface should look amazing, your startup's reputation depends on it. A clean, modern and intuitive interface will create trust and make an immediate impact to your new business. Don’t sell your amazing idea short with a boring design.

I work with you if you want results and invest in your business in order to make it profitable. The value of what I do is based on the impact I can have on your business.

I deliver design that actually works for startups.

I partner with small to medium sized startups who are either starting or growing their business. My approach is to work with you rather than working for you. That’s how I create something that not only looks fabulous but gets results.

Website and Web App Design

This is where problem solving meets visual impact. I’ll unite products and users, design and experiences.

Mobile Application Design

Using iOS, Android and an expert vision, I’ll take your application to the next level.

Web Development

It doesn’t stop with design. I can develop your product from visual concept to fully functional website.

My work is based on my principals.


Put User First.

There is no style over substance here. I bring together form and the function to create something that looks good and performs brilliantly. The user is always at the heart of the strategy. Simple.


Give a S**t.

A lot of care, effort & passion goes into my work. I put ‘Make it really good’ ahead of ‘Do it quick’. I take on a limited number of projects at one time. This quality control means I can give each one exactly what it needs –­ focus and time.


Perfection Doesn't Do 9-5.

And neither do I. I’m not bound to any time zones or tied to a desk. The project dictates where I need to be and who I need to collaborate with. Essentially, I always go the extra mile.


Be The Design Partner.

Ideas are far from linear. I prefer to work with you rather than working for you. As a designer, I can spearhead, support or polish your project or product at any stage it needs it.


Think Clean in Style.

Simple, minimal and effective. This is my mantra and method. Clean code, fuss­ free interfaces and expert execution, design as it should be.

At Roots Kitchen, I built an excellent e-commerce experience for Swedes order healthy foods online.

Roots Kitchen is a new startup based in Stockholm that brings a whole new healthy nutrition experience to Sweden.

In just a few short weeks, I designed and built a consistent and captivating e-commerce experience that increases sales and attracting more new customers.

Using Çağdaş' design services to create a website that measurably attracts more customers is a guaranteed investment. It's a pleasure working with him. I offer high recommendations for Çağdaş without reservation. His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any startup or organization.


At Svenska Domäner, I helped to increase sales.

I worked as the lead product designer at Svenska Domäner. I had the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented group of people, and together we increased sales and customer satisfaction.

My role was to connect customers to products, improve user experience, research user habits and help with product management & digital marketing. With an updated and consistent website, Svenska Domäner is now able to better sell and market their services, which results in increased revenue and a broader public outreach.

Cağdaş is very a talented designer who always stays up to date himself with all the latest trends in his field. His efforts make Giggem a better looking and functioning product. He is also an open minded and logical colleague who is fun to work with him.


At Giggem, I worked with a wonderful team who helps musicians and industry pros to network, stay in touch and find opportunities.

Giggem is the world’s first professional network dedicated to the music industry, for finding musicians, professionals or anyone who works in the industry, in order to collaborate or hire.

Designing a beautiful and seamless user experience was critical to make Giggem a more effective startup. Together we changed the way musicians learn, share and connect with one and other.

Çağdaş’ dedication to his work and his skills as a designer has helped Giggem to reach the world standarts it deserved and boosted the usability of Giggem. He is hardworking, he is always up to date and on top of new trends and more of all, Çağdaş has excellent communication skills which make it much easier to work in harmony and effectively.